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Collective Worship

At our school, we believe in the importance of daily assemblies as a way to bring our community together and promote values such as empathy, courage, and kindness, along with our school values of respect, collective responsibility, teamwork and reflection . Our approach to assemblies varies, and we strive to make them engaging and meaningful for our students. 

Variety of Themes

Our assemblies are based on a variety of themes, which may include stories from major religions, moral issues, or topical events. This allows us to explore different perspectives and foster a deeper understanding of the world around us.

Planning and Leadership

Our assemblies are carefully planned and led by all members of the teaching staff. This collaborative approach ensures that each assembly is well-prepared and delivers a valuable message to our students.

Parental Rights

We respect the religious beliefs of our students and their families. Parents have the right to request that their child does not attend assemblies if their religion requires it. We ensure that alternative arrangements are made to accommodate these requests.

Weekly Assembly Schedule

Our weekly assembly schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: Whole school assembly led by the headteacher, introducing the theme for the week.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Class assemblies where children explore the theme at a deeper level in their own classrooms.
  • Thursday: Signing assembly led by our music lead, Mrs. Bullock, and Mr. Richards.
  • Friday: Rainbow Award assembly led by the headteacher.

Rainbow Award Assembly

Every week, we have a special assembly called the Rainbow Award assembly. In this assembly, we celebrate the achievements and efforts of our students. Children are given a Rainbow Award for various reasons, including academic achievements and personal growth such as, making a special effort in their work, being helpful, or showing care towards others. This encourages a positive approach to school and fosters a sense of community. The Rainbow Headteacher's award is presented to one class each week, where they receive the Rainbow Cup and the opportunity to play on the wooden fort during playtime.

Reader of the Week

We also celebrate reading success and the love of reading across the school. Each week, we award children with "Reader of the Week" bookmarks to recognize their efforts in reading. We believe that reading is key to learning and want to encourage a lifelong love for books.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are special occasions, and we make sure to celebrate them during the Rainbow Award assembly. We have our very own Stoke Prior birthday song to make the day even more memorable for the birthday child.

At our school, assemblies are not just a routine, but an opportunity to inspire, celebrate, and foster a sense of belonging among our students. We believe that these gatherings contribute to the overall growth and development of our students, both academically and personally.