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Sports Premium

Sports Premium Grant Policy for Stoke Prior First School

School Vision

We promote and support the importance of a healthy lifestyle and place particular emphasis on the well being of our students and how sport and activity impacts positively on all aspects of school life.

The targeted and strategic use of the Primary School Sport Funding will support us in achieving our vision.


The purpose of this funding is to ensure improvement in the quality of sport and PE provision for all children. (Department for Education, March 2013)

We will ensure that sport and PE provision addresses the needs of all of pupils, including those who belong to disadvantaged, vulnerable and gifted groups.

Primary School Sports funding will be allocated following a whole school needs analysis which will identify priority classes, groups and individuals. In order to address any (identified) areas of need, this funding may be used across particular classes, key stages or whole school at any time.

There are 5 key indicators that schools should expect to see improvement in:

  1. The engagement of pupils in regular physical activity.  60 minutes a day of which 30 minutes should be in school.
  2. The profile of P.E. across the school is a tool for whole school improvement.
  3. Improved confidence of teachers teaching P.E.
  4. A broader range and experience of physical activity on offer.
  5. Increased participation in competitive sport.

The schools action plan is updated regularly showing the impact of how money is being spent.

All our work will be aimed at increasing attainment, participation, improving confidence and skills and encouraging a life-long love of sport together with an understanding of the positive health benefits participation in sports activities offers.