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Eco Committee

Welcome to our Eco Warriors of 2023 - 2024

The pupils are involved in looking at environmental issues and how our school can play it's part in helping to save the planet.  The team get involved in recycling issues and have regular meetings to discuss new ideas and initiatives.

We had a special visitor called Rachel from the RSPCA, who came to talk to the whole school about litter. Not only is litter harmful to the environment and the world around us but also it can be a danger to animals. Rachel explained the importance of putting rubbish in the bin and getting the message across to the wider community. Rachel then joined some of our Eco Committee members and Mrs Pincher for a litter pick around our village. Helping to keep our community safe.

Our Eco Warriors and School Council have joined forces with a plea for help. As a school we wish to encourage more animals and birds to share our lovely school grounds and are asking if you are able to make an animal home or bird feeder to be placed around the site. For ideas please check out the information sent home or have a search on the internet to find ways of using recycled materials to build your creation. Here are just a few photos of homes and feeders we have already received.

Pen Recycling Scheme

We have kicked off the year with a new recycling scheme, developed by Terracycle. This scheme allows us to collect and recycle writing instruments. The Eco Warriors have created containers for pens to be collected in within the classrooms, and then they are responsible for them to be emptied into the main collection point. 

We have also invited local first schools and parents/carers to join in with this scheme, because the more we recycle, the more we can do for the planet. So the Eco Warriors are encouraging you to use a recycled container to collect old pens in at home and your work place, and then to drop the pens off to our main collection point.

Bin Design Competition

Last year, the Eco Warrior team held a competition to design a poster for a new bin, which was to be placed outside the front of school. Well done to the pupil in Year 2 who won the competition and in October the bin arrived. The current Eco Warriors placed the bin in a prime position at the front of school, and are hopeful that this will reduce the amount of litter found outside of school. Thank you to everyone who took part and to the previous Eco Warriors, for making this happen.

Tree Planting

New trees have been planted on the Forest School site, as the ones planted previously did not survive a summer heat wave. Hopefully, if we help look after them this year, they will become established and will survive!

Litter Pick with the RSPCA

Rachel Winsor from the RSPCA kindly came in to school to talk to the whole school about how litter can be harmful to animals, and how we can all help to keep our community litter free.

After this the Eco Warriors went on a walk around the local area and on the school grounds, picking up any litter found. We were outside for an hour, and we picked up  a surprising amount of litter! Hopefully we'll be able to do another litter pick this year, as it was very enjoyable and was beneficial to the wildlife and community.