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Parent Partnership

We value our relationship with parents, working in partnership to understand the importance of education and to support all children to achieve their potential, academically and personally. Children learn about attitudes towards school, teachers and schoolwork from their parents. You can help your child enormously at home through sharing books, helping with homework, having conversations, playing games and being present.

To keep informed about what your child is doing and the progress they are making across the year we offer the following to parents and carers:

  • Family assemblies
  • Reception Family Fun Sessions
  • Meet the Teacher
  • Parents’ Evenings twice a year
  • Sports Day
  • Curriculum Workshops
  • Open Classrooms
  • Reading diary for communication 

What our parents say... 

At Stoke Prior First School, we work really hard to understand what our parents think about the school as it helps to focus the school's drive for continuous improvement.

We use a range of methods to gather information such as a yearly whole school parental survey, focused parental surveys, parental workshops, informal one to one discussions with parents, staff and pupil voice.  This information is analysed and then used to help formulate priorities for the school.

The Governors of the school have full access to the surveys and this helps the school to move forward.  If possible, year on year or national comparisons are made in order to demonstrate the impact of changes.

Where data is available, responses from parents in our school has been compared to responses from parents in all schools using Ofsted's Parent View survey. 

Please find below a letter outlining some of the wonderful 'stars' our parents highlighted, as well as some 'wishes' we will be working on over the next term. 

Spring 2024 Two Stars and a Wish Letter

Below are the the results of the 2023 & 2022 surveys. They highlight the key findings along with some possible areas for potential development.  

Once again we had a very good response and a very positive outcome to the annual survey.  Please take a moment to read the results.

Results from the 2023 Annual Parental Survey.pdf

The school has been excellent and our child has been very happy there.

Very happy with Stoke Prior. It's a lovely school with staff who try their very best to give the children the best possible education and who challenge them to do their best inside and outside the classroom. Thank you for all your hard work.

Brilliant First school would recommend.

Wonderful school.

My child loves Stoke Prior First School and has excelled during their time here so far. The teachers have all been very approachable and likeable but also maintain a good level of discipline in the correct manner with pupils. I would highly recommend this school to any prospective parents.


Stoke Prior First School is an absolutely fantastic school. I cannot speak of it highly enough!


My child has recently finished year 4 and over the last 5 years we have been very happy with the school. He has enjoyed his time here and has been very well prepared for middle school. The opportunities at Stoke Prior to try new activities and sports provided all the children with so many opportunities. The ethos of the school learning helps the children grow both academically and personally. My child has grown confidence and we will miss the school as we move on but my child is now ready thanks to all the staff at Stoke Prior. A great school.

Results from the 2022 Annual Parental Survey.pdf

Child survey results 2022.pdf

Parent Wraparound Survey 2022 results.pdf

Child Wraparound Survey 2022.pdf

The following table shows how the results from the school’s own parental survey (July 2023) compares to a national summary taken from Ofsted’s own Parent View Survey (April 2022)

The percentages relate to those parents that strongly agree/agree with the statement.


School %

Parent View %

My child is happy at this school



My child feels safe at this school



The school makes sure the pupils are well behaved



Children do well at this school



Would you recommend to another parent